Legs With Edema In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a physiological state that passes by women undergoing some changes and side effects on your body.
One of them is the lower limb edema that increases as the pregnancy progresses and this is due to the compression exerted by the pregnant uterus on veins and mainly inguinal lymph, treatment causing heaviness, pain and even the appearance of telangiectasias. (more…)

Athlete's Heart

Being runner, ampoule bottom half of the engage al athletics, link implies a particular requirement for the heart and of course for the rest of the muscles and joints. In this note, an analysis of what happens to the cuore to do high impact exercise. (more…)

Venereal disease and misinformation

The National University of Litoral (UNL) conducted a survey among students about their knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases. Only a 30% could name four or more venereal diseases. AIDS and syphilis are the most popular.
For the World Health Organization (WHO) there 25 Types of STDs (ETS) bacteria that are transmitted by (syphilis), story mushrooms (candidiasis), dosage virus (herpes, sildenafil HIV), vermin (Crabs) and protozoa (Chlamydia and mycoplasma). However, according to data from a survey by The auditorium at 120 students from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL), young people could only mention 11, while the 70% could not recognize at least four types of STDs. All the students recognized the HIV and 67,8% mentioned syphilis. (more…)

More about Pilates

Pilates work is based on focusing on the abdomen and the realignment of the body. This promotes posture and improves blood circulation, buy flexibility and bodily balance.
Thanks to good posture offered by this method, page tensions of the neck and shoulder, medicine nowadays very common, and relieved to come away. In short we can say that it is harmonious Pilates lengthens muscles workout combining different techniques and posture by emphasizing. (more…)