The fast food are foods that provide what nutritionists and doctors call "empty calories", foods with a high caloric content and low nutritional, with a high proportion of simple sugars, sodium, saturated fat and numerous food additives, as flavor enhancers (monosodium glutamate), dyes (tartracina), all appetite stimulants and thirst, causing an addictive effect on our body.

fast food

This has its origin in food industrialization where their economic interests are prioritized to the nutritional value of the preparations, easy processing and preservation, with a relatively low price, that advertising comes in bulk and to everyone.

For him slow food or natural food, It is nothing more than a return to the roots to connect with each process our food to nourish.

10 Tips for changing the fast food to the slow food.

  1. Canned lose fiber and essential nutrients, with preservatives and additives which hinder the absorption of nutrients such as iron, legumes and vegetables have lots of sodium and fruits have a lot of sugar to preserve. You can buy fresh vegetables and fruits, most can freezar. Legumes only require hydration.
  2. Gaseous They are high in sugar, the light or diet versions have today sweeteners associated with diabetes. The best choice is water or natural juices that give more fullness and provide essential nutrients.
  3. Cookies / invoices they are rich in saturated fats, simple sugars, Less Sodium. They can be replaced with cereal, frutas dehidratadas, dried fruits.
  4. The fritters incorporate a large amount of fats, worse reuse oil. Should be steaming, boiled, o al horno.
  5. The bread and the masses with white flour, the most industrialized, the more "spongy" breads are more hydrogenated. Fats and sugars contribute. Change for products made with whole grains, with mixed seeds.
  6. Simple sugars the whiter, finest, just add calories. Should be consumed if necessary comprehensive sugars, Black, chewed, estevia, honey.
  7. Alcohol, especially white spirits and sweets. Only provide calories. They can drink red wine in moderation drinks and extra brut white.
  8. The meats and hard cheeses bring hydrogenated fats that raise cholesterol and make us fat. They are easily replaced by lean meats and nonfat cheeses.
  9. Desserts They are made with simple sugars and creams. Get used to incorporate fruits as dessert.
  10. Treats They provide many calories with simple sugars and fats even in small portions. You can choose which come without sugar, Low Calorie, even chocolates with high percentages of cocoa.

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