Eventos in the subsequent


This month we had the visit of many athletes in the post. On Saturday 25 September held a summit conquest. This event is a race issue and self-sufficiency that particular way combines the adrenaline of competition, with the unmatched feeling of reaching the top of a mountain. In this journey, distances are around 100km of trekking and while it is necessary to use counseling skills, It is a suitable race for all competitors adventure, trekkers and mountaineers who dare to challenge.

On the other hand, the 18 September's rise Giulio Cesare was performed and the 7 November will develop the ” Megadescenso Giulio Cesare "which is a special race through the winding mountain roads, located 2000 mts. Above sea level already is making his 4th climb, with a 150 Cyclists.

We thank all who visited us and hope to return soon!


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